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Healing is the greatest expression of human consciousness, and you have a natural ability to heal. To bring the most healing into the world, you must understand what genuine transformative healing really is — and how to make it happen. Let our 100 healers show you how.

Healing can be applied in any area of life to create permanent positive change.  It is the only thing that does. True healing bypasses problems and  takes us to a new place, a new paradigm where that old problem doesn’t exist any more.  Healing lifts us from low Potential to greater Potential.  Healing moves us from suffering into easy flow, from chaos into order, from pain into function.  Healing enables Life to express itself more fully and beautifully.

You can help this happen. Listen to our 100 masterful healers to:

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  • Understand and master your own healing abilities.
  • Learn what kept them going through struggle and suffering.
  • Deeply know healing and how to make it happen with what you have right now.


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Why 100 Healers?

It was one of those instant knowings, the kind that come with goosebumps.  And later we realized it fit a prediction someone made about our work, in 2009.  It’s ambitious, we admit, but it’s a labor of love.

Thank you for joining us for this powerful interview series.  When you spend this much time with this many powerful healers, you are bound to start resonating  with the positive beliefs, breakthroughs and healing. That’s our intention.

Recommend a Healer to Us

We are looking for ordinary individuals who have done the extraordinary (or so it seems to those of us who haven’t achieved that yet) and have become Master Healers in some aspect of their lives.  Email us their name & contact information and why they meet the criteria:  Support@GIAwaken.com.

1. Must have mastered an aspect of life. For instance:  overcome a physical challenge, walked through massive fears, broke a societal barrier, healed themselves of past trauma or serious disease or negative behavior, transformed their mindset, saw the value of their greatest Gift, did something formerly “impossible”, etc.

2. Must have achieved some success based on that mastery. They are living and expressing their healing gifts.  For example: Built a career out of this shift, living a completely changed life, changed a system, became healthy or wealthy, reached a momentous life marker, etc.

3. Must be giving back in some way because of that mastery. They take what they have learned and share it with others.  They are leaving the planet a better place and living a  meaningful and rich life.

Thank you!

We Are Pleased to Introduce… Our Healers!

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Healer #6  |  Louie LaChusa

Native Spirit Soul Colors
Healer, Intuitive, Spiritual Guide

As long as he can remember, Louie has been able to see colors everywhere.  As a child, he remembers the green of the grass going all the way up to the sun, and the colors of the sun coming all the way down to the grass.  But nobody talked about this and he ignored his gift for many years.  One day when he shared the colors he saw around a stranger, he discovered he also knew what it meant about a person’s spiritual journey and gifts.  In our interview, Louie shares his journey through doubt and out the other side.  He describes what it’s like to have such a strong natural intuitive gift.  Today Louie lives in San Diego, California, with his wife Debbie, where he has a successful business reading soul colors and helping his clients understand the gifts they bring to the planet.

Healer #5  |  Ben Atherton-Zeman

Voices of Men
Actor, Playwright, Activist

For the past 17 years, Ben has worked as a prevention educator for rape crisis centers, domestic violence programs, and state coalitions.  As a public advocate on issues of violence prevention, Ben has given presentations in 43 states, Canada, China and the Czech Republic, at military bases, colleges, high schools, public theatres, conferences, houses of worship and juvenile detention facilities.  Ben is a spokesperson for the National Organization for Men Against Sexism (www.nomas.org) and an advisory board member for the White Ribbon Campaign in the UK.

Ben identifies as a “recovering sexist” and believes every man must challenge violence and sexism in the world and in themselves.  He lives with his incredible wife Lucinda in Maynard, MA.  They have no children except themselves and a cockapoo named Loofah.

Healer #4  |  Linda P. Jones

Global Institute of Wealth for Women
Personal Wealth Advocate & Money Expert

Linda P. Jones is the founder and CEO of the Global Institute of Wealth for Women and Visionary Wealth Now, companies which empower women worldwide to financial freedom.  She is a Certified Financial Planner (CFP®), the financial expert on Star 101.5 FM radio in Seattle, and a financial writer for the Examiner.com in Los Angeles.  Her goal is to positively impact 10,000 women’s lives in the U.S. and abroad with micro loans to fund businesses and feed their families.

Today Linda is also an advocate and speaker for organ donation and a member of the Board of Directors of SightLife, whose mission is to eradicate corneal blindness.  She was born and raised in Seattle, WA, and currently lives in Rancho Mirage (near Palm Springs) and Seattle.

Healer #3  |  Karen Lamark Wilson

Heart of Courage
Professional Healer, Author, Visionary, Spiritual Mentor

Internationally known spiritual teacher and energy healer Karen Lamark Wilson was born a healer with a mission.  Since her childhood instruction by a native healer and her early adoption of asian medicine in the early 70s, Karen has been on the cutting edge of expanding humanity’s capacity to live fully.  She founded IAIE to help its members cultivate direct inner knowing and expanded consciousness which they can bring into their businesses and lives.  Karen has two grown children and lives in Paradise Valley, Arizona, with her wonder dog, Koko, a furry white American Eskimo.

Healer #2  | Sheri McConnell

Smart Women’s Institute for Entrepreneurial Learning
Author, Millionaire Business Coach, Mom of 4

Sheri helps women start and grow membership-based businesses to attain financial independence, so they can make powerful life decisions from a place of abundance and balance, not from a place of poverty, fear, doubt, and “what if”.  As you might guess, she has recovered from being in that position many times herself.  Today, she is also the author of  Smart Women Know Their “Why” – A Guide for Discovering Your Life Purpose While Owning a Business So You Can Create Positive Change in the World (and Making Big Profits!) She lives in San Antonio, Texas, with her family and a weenie dog.  Join us to hear Sheri’s powerful story of healing and how she helps others break through money and other barriers today.

Healer #1  |  Bee Jimpson

The Next Sense & Awakening Healing
Professional Healer, Intuitive, Spiritual Role Model
Founder of Awakening Healing

Bee was raised in a culturally mixed home (Egyptian, Spanish, European & Quechua) in Argentina where folk healing had been used for generations.  It wasn’t until much later in her life when she was deathly ill and experienced a miraculous healing herself, that she began to step into her own power as a healer and spiritual teacher.  Following another extraordinary healing event in 2010 Bee discovered she carried (and could teach) a new type of New Healing, one that upgrades recipients’ energy systems, heals, and attunes them to the changes Mother Earth is going through.  Today Bee travels the world teaching Awakening Healing and how to use our intuition.  She has two grown kids, lives in Wisconsin with her partner, and cans over 900 jars of fruit and vegetables each year.  Join us to hear her powerful journey and her amazing wisdom about healing, Mother Earth, and being a healer!



Caveat:  Our goal is to share the moving and uplifting personal stories of 100 successful human beings with you.  A listing here is not necessarily an endorsement of these folks’ work or a statement that it is appropriate for you by the Global Institute for Awakening, Daria Boissonnas, One Butterfly LLC, or our representatives.  We deeply admire these folks’ journeys and wisdom and feel we can all benefit from hearing their stories.  Please come to your own conclusions when considering engaging in business with anyone.  Thanks.